Balance 20x Virtual WAN

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Can anybody tell me what BPL-021X-LC-VWAN is for? It says “Balance 20X Virtual WAN Activation License”. Does it mean I can convert one of the LAN ports to WAN?


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I don’t recall seeing that on the data sheet before, so perhaps it is - the part number is pretty close to similar licences for other models.

Be nice if that is an option, certainly adds a bit of flexibility to the 20X which people have been asking for.

@Tarball @WillJones

Wow, you guys always catch out some “Easter egg” in our marketing material.

Our team is working on the launch of BPL-021X-LC-VWAN. The marketing material is almost ready but still working on the manual. Can you further wait for a week or two?


Good update, thanks

Just saw it yesterday :smiley:

Sure will. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

This will be HUGE help for my setup, as I need a second WAN for better redundancy!

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You can use a usb to ethernet adapter in the usb port on the 20x today if you need a second wan.

Is there a set up guide on this?

@DarrylP, please refer to the links below:

Thanks. The how to bases it off of 3 ISPs. Can we have one ISP to WAN and then the second ISP to LAN untagged? Do we have to set the VLAN? Also, do we have to specify a lan port?

There are several ways to identify the traffic, you can setup all under outbound rules.

This is really giving a boost to B20x and giving the Balance line a run for their money. :wink:

How much of a memory footprint will multiple virtual WANs have on the B20x? I found OpenVPN WAN speeds cap at about 20-24 MBPS on the B20x, but the article virtual WAN article states speeds are basically capped at the max LAN port speed the virtual WAN is connectetd to.

Is there a limit to number of virtual WANS? I guess if an L2 switch is not being used, the limit is technically the number of available LAN ports on the B20x.

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