Balance 20x Throttling Starlink and Verizon (slow speeds vs regular router)

Unfortunately my upgrade from a BR1 Mini to a Balance 20x has been plagued with an odd issue.

If I connect Starlink to my WAN on the Balance 20x I consistently get 5-10mbps downloads on any speed test site. If I instead hook Starlink to my GliNet Beryl and hardwire to the same machine, I get 160mbps down on any speed test site.

The same is true for wireless clients. This is using the same hardwires though I did try replacing them.

GliNet Beryl

Balance 20x

Any chance the port has negotiated at 10MBps instead of 1Gbps? Maybe set the WAN port speed manually to 1 Gbps Full Duplex and see if that helps (In Network > WAN connection settings)?


Thanks Martin! I’ve been setting this to auto and to 1gbps

Edit: I’ve done a few factory resets in my work to find the cause over the past 24 hours, found that setting to be on Auto. I just set it to 1gbps and kept “advertise speed” checked nowscreenshot-11.png

Unfortunately no improvement

Tried a few other things, so far no change:

  • MTU auto or at the recommended 1500
  • Removing wifi from the setup, excluding 2.4, etc
  • Changing out ethernet cables
  • Reset Starlink
  • Changed from my gaming PC to my work macbook, same speeds
  • added the Glinet as a switch so Starlink to Balance20x WAN to GlinetBeryl in Switch Mode to Hardwired computer, same speeds

Dylan its time to log a ticket with Peplink engineering to get their input on this as what you’re seeing is just not right…


Thanks Martin, I did just a few minutes ago. I appreciate you helping me confirm.