Balance 20x rebooting

My Balance 20X has rebooted twice so far today with no information as to why.

(removed image with local network information since we’re troubleshooting.)

How do I go about troubleshooting this with PepLink?


Do you mean at 10:02:01 and 12:03:32? In both cases it looks like someone logged into the local web admin interface (from made some changes and then likely told the device to reboot.


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Thanks Martin, but I’m the one making the changes, and I did not tell it to reboot.

The first time, at 10:02, it rebooted 7 minutes after I had pulled my computer out of the SFC to see if my connectivity problems were related to SFC.

The second time, at 12:04, no changes had been made (last Changes applied was 10:07).

I’ve upgraded to 8.1.3 and am waiting to see if that fixes my problem.

I’m having the exact same problem. As of yesterday, my Balance20X has started spontaneously rebooting. I’m the only one with access credentials, so it’s not me.

I am running 8.1.3 and it’s happening.

@michele654 and @Cameron_MacLean. Both of you have opened a ticket. We will follow up with you there.


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What was the resolution on this issue? i am on 8.2.1 and have seen this happen about 4 times in 1 day.

do you have remote syslog configured?

I‘ve also seen this problem intermittantly with my Balance 20X. For example::

Jul 30 13:06:24 System: Started up (8.2.1 build 5191)
Jul 30 12:55:21 System: Started up (8.2.1 build 5191)
Jul 30 12:46:18 System: Started up (8.2.1 build 5191)
Jul 30 12:36:01 System: Started up (8.2.1 build 5191)
Jul 30 12:28:37 System: Started up (8.2.1 build 5191)

I opened a ticket a couple of hours after seeing this.