Balance 20X - Google Fi LTE Issue


I am trying to bring up the LTE links with a google fi card but it is not detecting a SIM card and cycles on “resetting” i occasionally see it move to “obtaining IP address” but it never moves past that stage. The same SIM works fine in my MAX BR1 mini with the settings below and i am using the same “Sure call” antenna on both.

Any ideas on how i can troubleshoot this further? Are their any differences between the LTE radios on each and why is “Generic” missing as an option on the BR20. I only see Auto, ATT, Verizon, and Tmobile

4G-WAN Standby (Google Fi) LTE-AClose
WAN Type Cellular
IP Address
IP Subnet
DNS Servers,
Routing Mode NAT
MTU 1428
SIM Card A IMSIxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (In Use) <— removed
SIM Card A ICCID (In Use) <------------ removed
SIM Card A MTN (In Use) <-------- removed
MEID HEX 35907206169756
MEID DEC 089865882201480534
IMEI removed <----------------- removed
Carrier Google Fi
Carrier Settings Custom
APN h2g2
Username (Empty)
Password (Empty)
Cell ID 40708
Network LTE
Network Band LTE Band 12 (700 MHz)
Signal Strength RSRP: -115 dBmRSSI: -86 dBm
Signal Quality RSRQ: -17 dBSINR: -4.6 dB
Secondary Band LTE Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100 MHz)
Signal Strength RSRP: -129 dBmRSSI: -103 dBm
Signal Quality RSRQ: -16 dBSINR: -8 dB
Health Check Method SmartCheck

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I am experiencing a similar “obtaining IP address” challenge with ATT prepaid SIM with Transit CAT18 modem. In the same location a Verizon SIM is getting past “obtaining IP address” and working fine.

Same issues with “obtaining IP address” challenge with ATT prepaid SIM with Transit CAT12 Help!

And I have discovered a solution to the issue. A visit to the local ATT Corporate Store (NOT one of the authorized retailers’ stores) provided the solution. ATT has, according to the person who helped us, tied all their SIM cards to an IMEI of their (ie, ATT provided) devices. The solution was to have the IMEI on our SIM changed to match our MAX Transit Duo Cat 12 IMEI. We were using ATT on the SIM 2 side and gave them that specific number.

For the Duo there are two IMEIs, one for Cellular Side 1 A and 1 B and another for Cellular Side 2 A and 2 B. These two numbers are found on the product label of the box in which your device was sent to you. This is the same label where you will find the serial number of the device as well as the LAN MAC address and product code.

You can also find the IMEI in the Remote Web Admin tool. Click Dashboard, then click WAN Connection Status, locate your connection (e.g., Cellular 1), click Details for that connection and then for IMEI on the left side of the table which will appear and to the right of IMEI is the 15 digit IMEI for that connection.


Experiencing the same issue with Google Fi SIM as well… Have replaced B20X… still getting same “Obtaining IP Address” - Note: if an adapter is used not the built in SIM it works fine.

Sure could use a fix for this. FYI for those who don’t know Google Fi is a combo of T-Mobile & US Cellular.

Are you using the apn h2g2?