Balance 20x AP Controller AP password field truncated without warning

Discovered the AP controller truncates the AP web admin password field to 32 without warning. No mention of max length anywhere in the UI so generated a 34 char long password using password manager.

Login wasn’t working… noticed a couple of characters missing from the end in the AP controller.

Probably best to add a note in the UI, display an error or make the field longer (128) given many will use password managers.

Also noticed the web admin port doesnt seem to propagate from the controller in the B20x to the AP mini. I set a custom port, but AP mini web admin remains on default 443.

The password length is guarded by the web admin. Maximum length is 32. I tested this is same to 8.0.2.

Thanks for reporting this. We confirm this is a bug and we have filed it. You may disable HTTP to HTTPS Redirection as a workaround for the time being. Please find the screenshot below for better understanding.


Great catches Stego. I recall Asus had the same password length bug but their limit was 16 characters. Brian Krebs griped out this years ago. Took him a while to figure out the problem when he could not logon to his brand new Asus router.

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