Balance 20x and Google Fi 4GLTE for backup failover, does it work well?

Hello Peplink Community,
I am considering upgrading our small office from 2 SOHO MK3 to a balance 20x with some additional smart switches. One of the perks of the Balance 20x is the built in cellular modem. That way I could get rid of 2 the two USB cell modems on the SOHOs and just put a data sim card in the balance 20x.
However, while I find many people talking about some problems setting up Google Fi/TMobile sim cards on the balance 20x, I could not find any conclusive affirmation stating that the Balance 20x actually works well with Google Fi 4GLTE sims in the US.

So the question is: does anyone have a balance 20x with a Google Fi data sim, and does it work well for you?
Incidentally, is that configuration officially supported by Peplink?


A quick update for reference, in case someone else has the same question in the future: I went ahead and setup the balance 20x using a Google Fi data sim and it works well. All you need is a sim adapter to go from nano (4ff) to mini (2ff) and to setup the APN to h2g2. After that the balance 20x is able to use the mobile link perfectly.


Very good to hear! Thanks for sharing the result :wink: