Balance 20X and AP ONE both transmitting Wifi - Best Settings on a Boat

See below report, is this normal or expected and not an issue? We have a 52’ Fly Bridge boat with the Balance 20X installed in the bridge and the AP ONE installed in the mid point of the solon.

AP ONE uses setting established within the Balance 20X.

Thank you for any help.


It is normal for clients to roam around on various base stations. This will work much better if you ensure that the two APs are using different channels from each other. There are also settings you can try which try to steer clients preferentially to the 2.4GHz vs. 5GHz channels.

Band Steering (this is hidden behind the “?” icon)

Fast Transition

Thank you for that info.

It looks like the AP ONE is on Channel 1 (auto) for 2.4 and 40 (auto) for 5 Ghz and the Balance os 11 (Auto) and 48 (Auto) respectively.

Should they not be on AUTO? I believe the AP ONE follows the Balance 20 so they may be on the same channel most of the time.

turn off the wifi on the b20x. i’d only use it for wifi WAN. let the ap one do all the local LAN AP duties.

Others have suggested that but I have not been able to find a setting that turns off the WiFi on the Balance 20x but keeps the WiFi on for the AP One.

Can you tell me where the setting is to perform this action?

Thank you

There is supposed to be a setting that allows using the router to bring in Wifi/WAN. lets say from a marina, but not transmit WiFi…leaving that to the Access Point AP ONE. That is supposed to make things faster so Router is not switching back and forth from receive to send…if it is not needed. I will be setting mine up that way, when I figure out how.

If you are applying your WIFI config from Incontrol2, create a tag and apply it on the AP One device (whatever you want: it could be “wifi”) and then in the wifi config, specify that it only applies to devices with that tag.