Balance 20x - Add Wifi as WAN?

We’re considering the Balance 20x for our motorhome. However, our WAN inputs are Verizon hotspot (USB connection), ATT hotspot (USB or ethernet connection) and campground wifi. We’re often in <5Mbps signal areas, so multiple inputs and load balancing are critical.
Can we add wifi as WAN to the Balance 20x and use our current hotspots? If so, what equipment is necessary? Thank for your help.

Yes please to that feature request!

While I understand your need for wi-fi-as-WAN, my sense is that what you are trying to do its a bit of a cobble-up – using two hotspots to feed a good quality router. Why not select a router with built-in wi-fi-as-WAN such as the Transit series?

If you are opposed to that and want to use the 20X, how about placing one of the SIMs in the 20X and adding an expansion module for the 2nd one? Much cleaner solution.

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that will work for some but not all. some SIMs are locked to hotspots and cannot be moved. or some times the peplink equipment is mounted in a very tough to access area. i actually use wifi as wan to access hotspot/mifi devices some times. in some jobs i had to carry hotpots for every major carrier (and a satellite phone) wherever i went to ensure access. i kept a dedicated SIM in my boat but in some locations it did not work or was deprioritized. nothing like whipping out a firstnet device and getting access when no one else around you can or adding two hotspots to each wifi wan to augment your built-in modem.

Thanks for your comments, Mystery, Rick-DC.
Admittedly, I am looking for a bit of a “cobble up.” I want to add a load-balancing router and work with the other gear we have, if that’s possible. If we were starting from scratch, the Transit series would be an option.