Balance 20's no longer available

My distributor can no longer get Balance 20’s and has removed them from their website. Is the Balance 20 being discontinued?


No. The Balance 20 is not end of life and is fully supported.

Feel free to reach out to any of our resellers/distributors and they’ll get you taken care of:

These have just been out of stock but shipments are starting to go out soon.

Ok. I have no 20’s in the cycle at the present time so no problem. Just concerned. The 30’s get a little pricey for smaller customers who don’t need three WAN connections.

You may want to communicate this to your larger distributors. One of them has been unable to get them for a long enough period of time that they took them off their website. They tell me they don’t know when they’ll get more and why they’re not getting them now.

Thanks for the note Darron, we will reach out to the distributors and inform them about the latest status. Have a good day!