Balance 20 with Starlink, ATT Hotspot and Orbi


I just got a Balance 20 yesterday in hopes it will help me limit down time between Starlink satellites.

I still have my ATT Nighthawk hotspot I was hoping to balance or use as a failover.

I also have an Orbi router to use as my AP. I put the Orbi in AP mode already and connected it to LAN1 on the B20.

I’m getting an issue where the Orbi randomly no longer is getting an IP from the B20 so the internet is no longer accessible via Orbi. Sometimes it happens after applying any change on the B20, sometimes it happens just out of the blue. The only way to fix it is unplugging the B20, plugging it back in, waiting for the status to go back to green, then turning the Orbi off for 10 seconds, then turning it back on.

I have both the Starlink and Nighthawk connected via WAN 1 and 2 on the B20, both Priority 1. I’m not sure the best way to have the Nighthawk pick up slack from Starlink. I made a custom balancing rule that puts the Starlink as 10 for use , and the Nighthawk as 1. Would it be better to do a failover instead?



i Haven’t been able to get any responses about hooking up to the Orbi either. Did you end up getting this figured out?

You can search for Starlink posts. I use a B20X for starlink installs. The B20 is older and can’t handle all of the Starlink speed on the main WAN connection. The 20X can either do CAT4 natively or now supports 2 + ethernet WANs.

My configurations use Priority to starlink then LTE… But to cover any possible downtime you need to use speedfusion. For $5/month I use a VLTR fusionhub. and you send all Zoom, VPN, teams, etc data via the Speedfusion connection and leave starlink to handle streaming and normal web traffic.

This is separate from any Wifi system… where I use the native B20X wifi and an APOneAX for extra coverage. At other locations I will have use UBNT wifi gear.