Balance 20 with Mifi 5510L

Is there a way to disable the router on the Mifi 5510L? I am using one with a Balance 20, and it gives the Peplink an IP of 192.168.1.X, making it impossible to connect from the Internet to the Peplink router. I was using a Pantech UML290, and it gave the Peplink the correct Internet static IP address so I could connect via VPN and monitor the router.




I did not immediately see this is a option for that specific device. I would give Verizon a call to confirm.

If it is the case that there is no way to disable routing on the device, are there any workarounds you could offer to allow remote access to the Balance 20?


Are there other WAN connections on the device that have a dynamic public IP? Possible to setup DYNDNS?

Otherwise on 6.1.2 firmware you will be able to Remotely Access devices via InControl 2 even if they are private IPs.
-6.1.2 is still forthcoming

No, the cellular connection is the only WAN connection. It would be helpful if it was noted in your USB modem support list which devices will allow a direct connection and which won’t. I had the same problem with the Pantech UML295.