Balance 20 with a UML290: Auto Restart USB

Is there a setting to automatically reboot the USB modem on a balance 20 if the wan connection is lost? We have three deployed utilizing verizon 4G LTE and about once daily they lose their connection. Removing/Inserting brings back online. They are static IPs but since that is the only connection it must be manually done. The cradlepoint we originally had for testing had this feature. Am I just missing it?

Pat Hultman

Sorry to be a “Me too”-er, but I’ve got the same problem with the same hardware with a static IP on Verizon, but mine usually lasts about a week before disconnecting.

Which firmware are you using? Would you please create a support ticket with mention this forum thread?

I’m running 5.4.7. I’m going to update to 5.4.9 and see if that helps.

Scott, Open the support ticket, I have been working with tech support through my reseller and they have been very receptive and helpful. The 5.4.9 beta firmware they created last week will hopefully do the trick. It has been running for a little over 24 hours now and looks like they may have it. I will repost my status in a week.

Another thing to check is that you are locked in 4g lte if its available. A static address also helps. If you are running on 3g and some times 4g Verizon times out every 24 hours and the modem must be hot/cold started. It seems to be a Balance 20 issue though since the Max BR1 is not suffering the same issue. Hope this helps!!

I’ve been having this issue every couple days on 5.4.9 and have 4G locked. The only solution is to seat and unseat the modem as rebooting the balance 20 does not rectify the situation.

Unfortunately, these USB modems were never designed to be run 24/7. They were designed with the power mobile user in mind that is plugging and unplugging the modem from his laptop several times a day. When they get hung-up a physical reset is needed.

I know some customers have had much better luck USB tethering a MiFi or Jetpack device to the Balance, these seem to be more stable.

I came from a 4620LE as it has a unfixable dormancy bug which plagues it in some environs.

Honestly, I’m not overly inconvenienced by the need to physically reseat but it would be nice if the Balance 20/30 removed power from the usb port for just a second on reboot to cycle the modem which would allow for a remote reset.

Or, are you saying the modem actually has to be reseted to reset?

Having the same problem with the UML295. Modem seems to drop connection once a day or so. It’s like Verizon kills the IP address. I wish there was a fix. I need to access my home network remotely, and I’m unable to reliably do this with this problem. I’m running a Balance 20 with firmware 5.4.7m49 build 1703.

I found a fix for this problem. I plugged a cheap electrical outlet timer into the wall, and then plugged the Balance 20 into it. Now, I have the timer cut power to the Balance 20 every 12 hours for several seconds, and then turn it back on. (Desperate times require desperate measures.)

2nd update:
It goes without saying that if you are trying to access the internet through a Windows machine and you are having trouble, make sure it isn’t Windows playing games with you. I often find that when using wireless network interfaces, I have to turn off the QOS, Discovery mapper, etc crapola to get a stable internet connection across the ethernet network. Else, it will often look like the 'net connection died due to a hardware glitch in the modem or a router. I often find that my Ubuntu Linux machines running nothing but a TCP/IPv4 stack have no problems whatsoever.