Balance 20 wan speed difference - not an issue for me, but kinda weird

I’m using a new Balance 20 that I just put online, replacing one that bit the dust. My main local network device is a Kyocera KR2 (yeah, I know, not the greatest) that I’m using for three wired ethernet connections, and a fourth wired ethernet connection to lan port 4 on the balance 20. At any given time, I’ll have up to 10 wifi devices connected to the KR2. However, I am using the DHCP server in the Balance 20. For a wan device, I’m using a Pantech UML295 connect to the Balance 20 usb port, with a yagi antenna on the roof pointed at the cell tower 1.08 miles away… Verizon is my ISP.

Here’s the weird part. As this network is configured, the mobile internet speed hums right along. I usually get 15 to 17 Mbps DL speed with my desktop PC hard-wired to one of the ethernet ports on the KR2 router, which pulls the internet connection from the usb port on the Balance 20 . It literally runs as fast as plugging the Pantech UML295 directly into a usb.port on the PC.

However, if I unplug the PCs’ ethernet cable from the KR2 router and plug it directly into the Balance 20 eliminating the KR2, the internet speed drops to less than half. I can even shut down the KR2 router alltogether and just utilize the Balance 20, and the drop in speed is the same. I would have thought that eliminating the KR2 router out of the chain would make the internet connection faster, since it would be one less device in the path. But, this is not the case. The only thing I can figure is that the KR2 is doing some traffic shaping that the Balance 20/usb wan likes. I have fine-tuned my MTU on the Balance 20 to 1428, as this seems to be the optimum size.

I utilize the KR2 router for the local ethernet anyway, and the Balance20/wan internet speed seems to love it. So, this isn’t an issue. But. just off the top of my head, it seems kinda weird that it would work this way.

Curious if you have a routing issue when connected directly to the balance 20. Are you running NAT on the Kyocera? Or is it basically acting as a switch?

If I had to guess, I would guess that the default gateway of your laptop is pointed at the Kyocera router. So, when plugged into the balance, it has to go down to the Kyocera, then back to the peplink, then out to the internet. Then response packets have to take the same path. Also, if the ARP tables aren’t being purged out when you disconnect, all the network gear assumes you are still plugged into the Kyocera.

Fun puzzle. There is a reason for it for sure. I doubt the Kyocera is doing any shaping.

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I think you are correct. I do have the network gateway defined as the balance 20. I’m basically using the Kyocera for nothing but a wireless access point into the network. Although, I do have one ethernet device plugged hardwire into the Kyocera. But, no matter how I connect to the network - hardwire or wifi - and no matter which device I plug into, the wan internet runs full speed and all 17 network devices have no complaints. Both the Kyocera and the Balance 20 play well together.

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Can you share what is the negotiated speed when your laptop connected to Balance 20 directly?

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Whether I plug the Pantech uml295 directly into the laptop, desktop, or balance 20, the best speed is about 20 megabits per second on all three.

I do need to add that the speed difference that I cited in my original post went away after I put both the Kyocera and the Balance 20 on the same subnet.

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Glad to hear you got it sorted. I just noticed that your post went unanswered for 2 weeks. I was out of pocket, and I am sure the Peplink support folks are busy working on the new firmware rollout. I cruise the forums quite a bit, and it is rare for a post to not get some sort of reply.

What did you find to be the culprit of the half speed when bypassing the Kyocera wireless router/switch? Was it something as silly as cabling?


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No, same cables. I did have the Kyocera hard IP at When I put it at, the speed culprit went away…

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Double NAT is what it sounded like. at least router double hop. Glad you got it sorted. Isn’t networking fun?

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