Balance 20 WAN Bonding

I do not see how to bond the WAN ports for combined bandwidth in the configuration on my Balance 20 router. Is there a way to do this in configuration?

Yes by using the Speedfusion Cloud Service.
More info here:

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Thank you for sharing this. I was hoping for a way to bond the ports without additional costs. Looks like the costs are based on amount of data transferred. Not sure that would work in the environment we are in.

Aside from SpeedFusion Cloud there is the option to install a FusionHub Solo on a cloud platform (vultr and uplcoud both work well, and the cost is $5/month, with a 1TB/month allocation). The first year of Solo is free, subsequent years license at $29.



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I’m the worlds biggest fan of Fusionhub on Vultr, but I I don’t think the balance 20 supports Speedfusion Bonding unless you use Speedfusion Cloud though - isn’t that right?

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You are gentle in your correction - you are perfectly right, of course. Forget the Solo.