Balance 20 to Balance One Core Upgrade - Configuration file convert?

I’m upgrading from a Balance 20 to a Balance One Core and hoping there is an easy way to convert my configuration file. I’m trying to avoid retyping all my firewall rules.

Balance 20: Firmware 6.3.2 build 3196

Balance One Core: En route but will be upgraded to latest firmware.

Appreciate any suggestions!
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6.3.2 build 3196

Good Afternoon

I don’t believe it is possible to convert between the Balance ONE (Core) and the Balance 20s, 30s, 50s etc.
I have just tested it going from a Balance 20 and Balance ONE Core is not listed.

If I upload a Balance ONE Core config file, it shows that there is no option to convert that model.

It is possible to convert for a Balance 20 to a Balance 380 etc.

Sorry I cant be of more help!

Peplink, please note that situations like this it would be great to have the options of CSV import/export for areas like firewall and port forwarding rules.
It would also be much easier and faster to create multiple rules via a CSV file.
Thank You

Thanks for the test GNO-2014!! I guess I’ll start documenting my configuration.

Peplink - +1 request for adding CSV import\export.

Wer’e about to upgrade two B20s (one HW2 and one HW ver 3), both running the current ver 7 firmware to new Balance 1 Core models. Is it still impossible to convert the configs?

I can’t find a link to a conversion utility. Maybe only distributors, not partners, have access to it?

Hello @Rick-DC,
Have you looked at the option of importing your firewall and other setting into the latest InControl2 group options?
There is also the “Bulk Configurator” under the group settings
In theory if you import the configuration into InControl2, you can retain most of the settings. You can setup the Native VLAN within InControl2 also. One thing you can do not currently do is set the WAN configuration from within InControl2.
Have a look at what you can do through InControl2, it may help with the transfer.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus. Thanks for your thoughts – as always. Unfortunately we do not use InControl. I was thinking there was a utility available to which distributors or the folks at Peplink had access. However, I may have that wrong. :confused:

Hi @Rick-DC,
Unfortunately then you are in the situation of having to manually copy the configuration across in that case.
There is another way to look at this, it presents you with the opportunity to review and freshen up the configuration.
Happy to Help.
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Marcus. OK. TU again. I really thought such a conversion was possible. Apparently not.

Well, I think we’ll stick with the B20s at these locations … Sometimes the cost is not justified by the expected gains.

This is how you lose customers. If I have to manually reprogram my router to upgrade, I can as easily switch brands. Unifi here I come. (yeah, I lose some features, but I gain whole network integration at a much lower cost) Roger

@TK_Liew I have the same question. Can I upgrade from my Balance 30 to a Balance One Core? Really don’t want to re-do all the configuration settings I made on the B30.


Hi @barthold. We’ve been around that course. It is not possible to convert from B20/30 to Balance One Core. The information provided by @mldowling, above, is exactly correct. - Rick

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Thanks Rick. Is there a list somewhere what I can upgrade to from the B20/30?

Say my B30 dies suddenly, and I need to manually redo the config on a new Balance router. What would you recommend doing to even know what the config of the now dead B30 was? Take screenshots?

Appreciate any insights!


Make sure you have the backup file for the existing B30 then you can contact Peplink local partner for assistance.


The InControl2 management system makes a backup when you change the configuration of a unit under management.

Open the “device details” page for the unit (dead or alive, does not matter), click on “show all” behind the device name, and then “Download…” at the Configuration Backups line.

There you’ll have a list of the configuration backup files, sorted by date and time.