Balance 20 Stuck Firmware Update

Tried to update to firmware 7.0.0 Build 3310. The update got to 90% and said it was rebooting. After sitting for 30+ minutes I first tried to refresh the screen and when that didn’t work I pulled the power. Now am not able to find the GUI or ping the device. Status light is solid green and LAN lights show activity. Have also tried doing a factory reset. Have tried pinging to and with no answer. Any ideas, or did I brick it by pulling the power?

Thanks for any help.


Please reset the device again. Ensure you press and hold the reset button more than 20 seconds. If this doesn’t help, please open ticket. We may need to proceed RMA.


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I have this exact same issue, but on a MAX 700 with 7.0.1 build 3414. Should I just submit a ticket?

Please proceed the reset as suggested here. Please submit ticket if reset doesn’t helps.