Balance 20 started rebooting

Our Balance 20 kept working ok on 8.1.2 until one day it started rebooting randomly 2 to 4 times a day. After a short outage all was back to normal. Difficult to spot.

I upgraded to 8.1.3 and made a few other changes. It seems to work, but after 22 hours it rebooted again.

Now I need some help. As WAN I use 2 ISP routers via DHCP. On the LAN a Tenda mesh.

After reading the other sections here it seems that the next step is to replace the power supply.


The reboot mainly happen during peak hours? If so, suspect it is overwhelmed. You may contact your point of purchase to further rule out the problem.

Thank you for the reply. The reboots are not aligned with peak times. Also, this is a small family office with 2 x 200Mbps WAN connections. Our standard ISP developed latency issues during the pandemic, so we added another ISP and the Balance 20 for an always-up solution. Our throughput is peanuts for the Balance 20.

It worked well and we had no internet outages until the reboots started…
It would be good if the log had a “cause entry”, not just the short entry “System: Started up”

The unit keeps rebooting about twice a day. When it happens during the day it causes a nuisance.

I have now taken the Balance 20 out of the configuration as resilience is better without it.

I will now monitor if the unit reboots even without traffic flowing through it.

After a few tests i disconnected everything The balance 20 was running just by its own, without cables attached. It kept rebooting. Is the hardware broken or the firmware faulty?

It seems like hardware issue. Please download Diagnostic Repor and submit a ticket for us to check.


The next step was to replace the power supply as suggested elsewhere on this forum. The good news is that this seems to have fixed it. After installing a new power supply the reboots stopped entirely. 6 days and counting …

The powers supply was cheap and labelled “suitable for LED lights”. I used 1A higher than the previous power supply.

New power supply Ebay.JPG