Balance 20 Stability issues

I’m currently running 8.1.0 build 4939 on a Balance 20 (rev 2). The unit has been rebooting randomly and otherwise having issues. It’s using a single WAN connection (no cellular). Wireless will stop working, remote access will stop working, SNMP will hang, but internet and IP phones will continue to function (some times). Sometimes the web interface completely hangs. Power cycling is usually necessary to get everything working again. The event log doesn’t say anything other than “System: Started up”

I’ve seen some posts on the forum about issues with 8.1.0 and 8.1.1. Both included links to special builds of the respective versions. But I don’t know if I should try one of those or roll back to the previous version on this unit (7.1.2) to see if it’s a firmware issue.

Advice? I need to limp this along for another week until the business slows down a bit. I don’t want to do anything that risks making things worse.

  • Steve

I would suggest firstly go with this special build for Balance 20.


If you will still see any stability issues after upgrade please open ticket.
Thank you.