Balance 20 - Shunt specific application traffic to one WAN, all other traffic to other


Trying to figure out how to do this. It should be possible based on the advertising at least, but:

I am trying to shunt all application traffic for specific games, like World of Warcraft, to one WAN - my mobile phone hotspot in particular - while pushing all other network traffic, such as internet browsing, etc., to the higher latency but higher bandwith satellite internet connection I have. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?


yes, with outbound rules.

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The way to do this is to set up a ‘General Internet’ outbound policy that says send all traffic via satellite.

Then add another outbound policy above that one that somehow identifies the game traffic and tells that to go via cellular.

I don’t play WoW but I understand that you connect to realms and a realm is a server IP. There are lists of server IPs on the internet but I also found an article here that tells you how to find the server IPs on your device.

It says :
Start WoW & log in to the realm you want to trace.

  1. Press ALT-TAB to minimize WoW and return to the desktop.
  2. Click Start, then Run, then type “cmd”
  3. In the DOS window type “netstat -an”

You will see 2 IP addresses - the first will be Established on port 1119, 3724, 6112, 6113, or 6114, and the 2nd will show an established connection on a random port. It will look like this:


Once you have the server IPs, got to Network > MIsc. Settings > Grouped Networks and add them to a group called WoW. Like this:

The go a create an outbound policy that uses that groupe dnetwork to identify the destination server IPs.

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