Balance 20 reset


We have had a balance 20 for several months now with no issues up until now. We just had to reset our router to regain access to the internet. Both internet connections were active and running with no problems however until the router was rebooted we could not get online.

The event log apparently was wiped out during the reboot because it has started from the beginning.

Is there anyway for me to find out what might have caused this? Anyway to get the event log back?


What is the firmware version used and have you try to download the latest firmware?
When you are having problem with Internet access, are you able to access the Balance 20 Web Admin? If yes, you can try to perform a ping test from the Web Admin. Just go to System -> Ping
If you still encounter problem and require further assistance, you can log a ticket to us via or contact the local point of sales.

Sorry, for the delay. Thanks for the response.
We have only had this problem the one time. It could have just been one of those things but it would be nice to know what that thing was. I was able to access the web admin and yes i did perform a ping test which failed.
Was hoping there might be a way to find some detail as to what might have caused it to lock up.
The firmware is 5.3.12 build 1303.

Thank you.

Not sure what is causing the problem without going thru the detailed log messages.

Since the device is still accessible via Web Admin, if it happen again, you can download the diagnostic report and send to us before rebooting the device.

Ok, I will do that. Thank you.