Balance 20 - Problem connecting to certain websites

Sorry for the duplicate post, but after looking around, I thought that I might not have posted in the appropriate forum the first time. Mods, please remove the post in the other forum if you need to.

I just got a Peplink Balance 20 in yesterday. I hooked up two DSL connections (CenturyLink 4.0/512) from the DSL modems in bridged mode to the Peplink.
I configured the Peplink in PPPOE mode, and input the appropriate settings, and the router showed that it had connected to the internet.
Everything initially seemed fine, but I was not able to go to several websites, and many of the sites I could access seemed kind of slow in loading.
When I try each DSL connection from just the modem to a computer or tablet, the connection is fine, and is as fast as it should be, and I have no problem connecting to any website.
Would anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong with the Peplink settings? I am a newbie at configuring this sort of thing, and any ideas would be apprecaited.


Hi Bob,

This could just be a simple matter of outbound policy settings. Feel free to contact the reseller you purchased from for initial technical support.

Thanks -Tim

I seeminlgy have the issue resolved for the time being. I reset the router and installed the latest firmware. Then I reconfigured the PPPOE settings, and indicated the correct up and download speed for the connection. I also set up a custom outbound weighted balance setting of 10 and 10 for each connection. It seems to work fine so far.

Thanks for the update Bob, glad you got it working! Enjoy your Peplink :slight_smile: