Balance 20 PPPoE / VPN Issues

Does anyone know of a way to assign a Static IP with a PPPoE WAN connection?
We have 2 sites connected together with a Peplink Balance 20 at either site. The broadband supplier at one of the sites forces you to assign the static IP address manually,
otherwise it assigns you a dynamic IP address. To get around this as a temporary measure I have assigned our Static IP address in as an Addidional Public IP address.
This works fine, however I have found that you are unable to create a VPN connection between the sites using the IP address in the Additional Public IP.
Before installing the Peplink at either site we were using Netgear DG834’s which allowed you to do this.
We are currently using Firmware 5.4.6 build 1585. Any help would be appreciated.

Is it possible to do the PPPoE authentication from the modem itself? Will it pass through the static IP to the Balance?

No this is not possible. You have to actually tell the device what the static ip address is. Otherwise it gets assigned a Dynamic IP by the ISP. I know its a silly way of doing it, but their ISP is BT…

Thanks for the report, Michael. We will add support for Static IP under PPPoE in a future release.