Balance 20 - PepVPN Wan2 not available

I have PEPlink balbance 20 with 2 active links.

In the first link I have a Link authenticated by PPOE.
In the second link is via DHCP.

I set PepVNP to go out preferentially over WAN2.

What happens is that in PepVPN status Wan2 is not available.

But in Dashboard the 2 WANs are connected.

What should I do to get VPN out via Wan2?

Hi brunoufg,

PepVPN can use only one WAN interface at a time. so it will not show (as i have see in my work) you the individual state per WAN interface. You will only have the state of the VPN globally.

Unfortunately, Rudy is right in this case. For the Balance 20, only basic PepVPN functionality is supported.

In other models, we allow for multiple wans to be used for either data redundancy (wan smoothing) or higher throughput (wan bonding) modes.

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I understand that this device only allows 1 link to close the VNP.

I refer to the following situation. WAN2 is active, but in PepVNP it is not available.

Are there any settings I must make so that VNP exits only over WAN2?

Yes, at the moment the PepVPN traffic can not reach WAN2. You need to open the ports on the router you have attached to WAN2 so that PepVPN traffic can get in. Forward 32015 and 4500 to the WAN2 IP ( on that other router.

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