Balance 20 password recovery


Apologies if this has already been covered.

Is there any way to recover the password on a balance 20 without deleting the config?

If not, what is the reset process?



Hi, Unless you are using InControl 2 - which automatically stores config backups in the cloud, there is no way to recover the admin password on a balance 20. You will need to do a factory reset (which sets the username / password back to admin/admin). Here is a KB article showing how this is done

Just learnt that this is wrong!
Since fw 6.1.0 we have included the ability to restore the default admin username and password whilst retaining the configuration. The magic happens depending on how long you hold the reset button.

• 0 - 5 seconds: Status LED turns red, nothing happens if released.
• 5 - 10 seconds: Status LED start blinking, reset the admin password and admin page HTTP port 80 access.
• 10+ seconds: Status LED turns off, reset to factory default and reboot.

So in your case, you could do a press for 5-10 secs and get the password reset on your Balance 20.



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It’s doubtful the firmware is that new but I will give it a try…