Balance 20 no connecting modem in Bridge Mode

Hello. I have recently switched my modem to bridge mode but now I am unable to establish the connection on that WAN port. The idea is to perform NATing on my Balance 580 and not on the ISP’s modem.

Any configuration tips?

Which model modem? What ISP / Service? What are you seeing on the dashboard for the WAN you are using?

Hello, the modem is a Nokia brand, model G-240W-C. The ISP is Telmex Infinitum in Mexico. The connection is never established on the WAN 1 port of my Balance 580 after putting the modem in bridge mode, constantly stays in the ¨Connecting¨ state. The other modem (on second WAN port) does connect correctly (it is not in bridge mode).

I already cloned the MAC address in the specific configuration of this WAN 1 connection as indicated to me by the ISP technical support, but the connection still doesn’t work.

Looks like this a fiber modem.

You could try a different Ethernet cable between the router and the modem. Another thing you could try is to set the speed and duplex manually (physical port configurations). I have seen that help others.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but there are some smart folks that are more familiar with fiber modems in particular.

Good luck sir. It is better to manage your NAT solely on your balance. Double NAT is not very fun. Keep up the good fight. I am sure you will get it sorted.

Yes, it is a fiber modem. I have already done the manual configuration (speed and duplex) of the port but I still can’t get a correct connectivity. I could try the Ethernet cable change later because I am not at the office. I am managing the device from InControl2 now.

I appreciate your advice.

A short google on this issue tells me Telmex requires PPPoE authentication.

When the modems are running in normal mode it is stored in the modem.

When it is running in Bridge mode you need a username and password and set the Peplink to PPPoE on that WAN. You can request the username/password from your provider.

It does not work. I already requested username and password for PPPoE authentication to the ISP, placed the credentials in WAN port settings and it remains in ¨Connecting¨ state, alternatively it shows the message ¨No PPPoE service detected¨