Balance 20 NAT 1:1 how secure inbound access for internal IP


I have one balance 20 with NATed IP that uses other IP than original WAN. I would like to secure traffic in and out to that specific natted internal IP.

In inbound firewall rules gives my only WAN1 but I cannot specify which external IP and I am lost here.

What firmware version are you on?
A Balance One on 8.0.1 lets me identify inbound rules by destination IP (ie WAN alias IP).

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I was pretty sure that was latest one 8.0.0

Don’t have a balance 20 to assist.
This is what I see on a Balance One (x.x.x.x would be replaced with one of my wan ips)

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Yes after upgrade I see source and destination as single IP - awesome thats what I need thank you