Balance 20: Maximum users/bandwidth

Is there maximum user count or bandwidth for Balance 20? I have 2 Wifi APs connected to it and we get severe performance hit when it gets to 20+ users. I suspected the APs at first but the performance problem also affected wired devices so I concluded that the Balance router is somehow choking on something.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

The Balance 20 is recommended for up to 25 users. You can check the specs on the comparison page:

Thanks, Tim. I am aware of that spec. I didn’t specify in my original question but some of the 20+ users we have are wired to a switch. I assume that switch would alleviate some load from the router for intra-network traffic?

I recommend stepping up to the Balance One as it can easily handle 50 users.

I see. We have multiple standalone APs though, it looks like Balance One is a wifi router. Would you still recommend using Balance One with its wireless turned off?

Yes, that’s because the Balance One is a better hardware platform then the Balance 20 and can handle more users.