Balance 20 Local DNS does not function


I use a Balance 20 in dual WAN running under firmware 7.10 build 3504. I wish to use my locally connected Raspberry Pi as a DNS server. Specifically I am running the “Pi-Hole” DNS sinkhole to block ads.

The local DNS server works perfectly if each machine on the network is set to use it individually. However if I set the address of the local DNS server in the Balance 20 and use the Balance 20 address for DNS on connected machines there is no address resolution.

I gather from related posts that it is not possible by design to use a local DNS server with a Balance 20 running dual WAN. Is this correct? If not then how can it be accomplished?

The Pi-Hole can act as the network DHCP server if required. This would not however be convenient for my use case.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Hi We have several PiHoles in use at different locations – all with various types of Peplink and Pepwave routers. Never a single issue.

In a B20 set the IP address of the PiHole at Network -> LAN -> Network Settings -> [Name of Network] -> DHCP Server -> DNS Server. (Do not check the “Assign DNS server automatically” box.)

Does that not work for you?

If not, is the PiHole on the same subnet as the computers which are to rely on it? And, can you ping the PiHole from all computers?



Thanks for the prompt reply. I was placing the local DNS address in DNS server section of each WAN. I now understand why that clearly would not work. Implementing the LAN DNS as you suggested works perfectly.

As a tip for others who might see this tread, on several of my OS X machines I had to delete the ethernet interface entirely and recreate it before the LAN DNS was recognized. Renewing the lease was attempted prior to this step and did nothing. Other machines running the same version of OS X picked up the LAN DNS immediately.

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