Balance 20 Load Balancer - Which Algorithm?

I am a home user with a Balance 20 and two Fixed Internet Services @ 35 down. I want to use the Balance 20 router to load balance across the two Fixed Internet Services. What is the best Load Balance algorithm for this simple setup that will use the available connections optimally?

Thanks in advance…

Hi Mchapman111:

Load Balancing will absolutely help out here, 8 Different algorithms to tailor traffic gives you a lot of options. For you, I’d take a look at the “Fastest Response Time” algorithm. At the start of each session, traffic is duplicated and sent to all healthy connections. The connection with the earliest response from the destination will be used to send all further traffic from that session.

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Would I just configure a Persistence for HTTPS and Default - Fastest Response for everything else?

You could, really depends on what you’re looking for really.

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