Balance 20 LAN Interface Speed


I am getting great throughput on my Balance 20, about 75mbps just like my ISP promised, so the performance is great. My question relates to monitoring the device. Every tool I use (Quest Foglight, Solarwinds, OpManager), reports via SNMP that the WAN interface as 1gbps (1000mbps), but the LAN interface always is reporting as 10mbps. Whether I use auto-negotiation or manually force it to 1000mpbs Full Duplex in the LAN settings. I am plugged into left most port of the 4 LAN ports. The green light is on. The corresponding switch it is connects to reports 1gbps. I am referring to the Ethernet connect speed of the interfaces, not the throughput. I thought these were all 1GB ports? So why does it always show up as 10mbps via SNMP? Using Firmware 6.1.0. btw.

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I have the same issue with a new Balance 580 HW v3, firmware 6.2. Unit is plugged to a Cisco 3750X v15.0(2). The switch interface is set to Auto, same in the Balance unit. The switch shows it’s connected at 1Gbps, the Balance shows in the front screen is connected at 1000Mbps. Speed tests shows correct bandwidth from ISP. SNMP data from Cacti and Observium show the LAN interface as a 10Mbps interface.

The SNMP walkthrough output in Cacti shows the following:

  • Executing SNMP walk for data @ ‘.’
  • Found item [ifSpeed=‘10000000’] index: 1 [from value]
  • Found item [ifSpeed=‘1000000000’] index: 2 [from value]
  • Found item [ifSpeed=‘1000000000’] index: 3 [from value]

If the issue was resolved, would you mind posting the resolution?


This was addressed in v6.2.1 GA. v6.2.1 GA to be available by this month tentatively.