Balance 20 issues after IP conflict

Hi there,

All started with an IP conflict in my lan, I was unable to login via web browser, I disconnected balance 20 from my network power it off and on again.
Now when I power on my balance the power led stays green and the status led will turn red and after some seconds it stay green but it will not assign me an IP and if I try to do a hard reset nothing will happen.

I already open a ticket and got a reply back that the item was purchased from HD Communications and needed to get in touch with them.
[Ticket ID: #761638]

Has anybody else had the same problem?


Hi Javier, if you do a factory reset then your directly connected PC should get an IP address of or similar and you can login to the Balance web admin at


Even pressing the hard reset button it wont do a reset.

If I set my network device to dhcp the balance 20 wont assign me an IP, so I manually set it to and ping I get no response, If I scan the network I get ping response from but I cant reach the login page. My laptop is connected directly to peplink and no ther device is connected.

I would recommend contacting the point of purchase for a RMA inquiry as it sounds like a HW issue.