Balance 20 intermittent issue happens almost daily


I have a peplink balance 20firmeware 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 in a remote office and this unit was deployed over a year ago. For the past 5 weeks, almost every day, the connection either completely drops or degrades. We cannot get to the admin page either directly or through in control but the pep vpn tunnel appears to stay up (we can rdp into servers there). Users from within the office cannot access the internet or external resource by name or IP.

The issue happens daily for about 2 hour (10am-12pm) and then the problem resolves itself. If we reboot the balance 20 it fixes the problem.

Any ideas what could be going on?


Unlikely hardware / device config related since it has worked fine for so long with no recent config changes and routing continues to work over VPN.

Most likely an ISP related issue (ISP DNS timeouts can cause health checks to fail on the WAN which makes it unavailable for internet access). Or a physical network fault / change. Any chance you have a network loop WAN side of the Balance?

If it were ISP or physical network loop a reboot might cause the Peplink to pick up a new IP from the ISP and/or the broadcast storm from the loop would be broken again.

Sounds like you might need to do a factory reset on it to get it back under control for remote trouble shooting.

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Thanks for the tips.

We are looking into network loops and also having a ISP tech dispatched. Will post any updates.

Thanks again.


Update: I believe the VPN is flapping and it is NOT a comcast issue.

The users in the office have internet access, and Office 365 but network resources (network drives outside the office) are not accessible when we get alerted. I can manage the Peplink 20 from Incontrol but not directly from the internal IP.

The VPN flaps between 10AM-12PM but is stable outside these times.

Any ideas where to look next?