Balance 20 integration for Remote access OpenVPN

Hi everyone,

I have to insert a Balance 20 in an existing environment, the firewall is in bridge mode. The internet connection is goind trought a cisco router SMB and then pass to LAN (where the firewall is).

Can you please give me any advise on how i can insert the Balance 20 without modify the existing environment.

Below the existing architecture


This is Tricky since the B20 doesn’t support drop in mode.
Do the firewalls (@ 3 and 4) get public IP addressing or is the CISCO doing NAT?
I would think that you’d need to replace the CISCO SMB @ 2 with the Balance 20 to make it fit

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Thanks for your answer,

The CISCO is doing NAT. The firewall (2) is on LAN network. 3 & 4 are switch for HA.

With a Balance 20 you could look to replace the CISCO or the firewall (assuming the firewall is not in transparent mode and is instead IP forwarding / NAT).

No other options that I can think of - assuming you want the Balance 20 to manage Dual WAN.
If you’re just using it for PepVPN routing then you could install it on the LAN.


Thanks for your advise.

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