Balance 20 Hughesnet + DSL Optimization

We live on an island in Maine, and have been using a local DSL provider to get ~4 Mbps download, 0.5 Mbps upload. Due to reliability problems, I’ve just installed Hughesnet (~40 Mbps down, ~3 Mbps upload), and purchased a Balance 20.

I set up both WANs on the Balance 20, and connected my existing Linksys router to the Balance 20 LAN port. It works, but needs some optimizing, I think. With the large latency time on the Hughesnet (~1.5 sec), it doesn’t work well for wifi calling, VoIP, Skype, etc. The DSL is best for this. But for larger downloads, video, etc, Hughesnet is preferred because of the MUCH faster transfer time.

By default, I think outbound traffic is probably just using a round-robin scheme, so for example, sometimes phone calls work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes videos play perfectly, sometimes they stop for buffering every 5 seconds.

So I’m looking for advice on how to go about setting up the Balance 20 to direct traffic to the best WAN for each type. My first thought was to have the DSL be the preferred WAN for everything, and then create some outbound policies to direct video download requests to Hughesnet. But I don’t know if that’s a good idea, and I don’t actually see a way to do the “preferred WAN” anyway.

Any suggestions/advice/examples would be much appreciated.