Balance 20 Health Check not working

Just noticed that the health check is not working on one of my WAN’s.
This WAN is a PPPoE connection.
The WAN is down as of now and the dashboard status displays “Connecting”, then “No PPPoE Service Detected”, and then repeats. It never reports that the WAN port is disconnected and never sends an Email alerting me to this.

I did send a test email and received it so I know the email is correctly configured.

The Health Check settings are:
Method - Ping
Ping Hosts - and
Timeout - 5
Check Interval - 5
Retries - 3
Recovery Retries - 3

I seem to recall this was working at a point in the past, but tried rolling back the current configuration of 8.1.3 back to 8.1.1 and then to 8.0.2 but the problem remains.

Any suggestions?


Odd, I guess I need to look at this further. While I didn’t receive an email when the WAN went down, I just received one when the WAN was restored.

Maybe the email just got lost in the bit bucket…