Balance 20 has issues

I have a balance 20 I purchased online several years ago. It 's currently running firmware 6.2.1. It won’t complete an upgrade to 6.2.2. But, it also has developed other issues. If you power down the unit, it will quite often never reboot (red status light stays on) when you power back up. You have to wait several minutes before you power back up again, and it will still take a few minutes for the red status light to turn green. Sometimes, it will never turn green. It sometimes takes more than one restart. I know it has an onboard button battery. Could this battery be bad?

Look like this is the hardware problem. Please help open ticket to proceed RMA if it was under warranty.

I’d love to open a ticket, but I can’t get to the ser# right now. As I said though, the unit is at least 4 years old. Could this be an issue with the onboard battery?

It is hard to say what the exact issue is at this point but yes power could be the issue. You could try another PW supply just in case to ensure it is receiving proper power, however I would lean towards TK’s assumption as this being a HW issue, in which case a RMA would be needed to correct.