Balance 20 firmware 5.1.5 bld1027 safe to remotely update firmware?

I have a Balance 20 with original firmware of 5.1.5 build 1027.
Having some problems with DHCP, requiring physical reboot of Balance 20 once a week by local non-technical staff.
Hopefully firmware updates will resolve these problems.

It emails me notices frequently that firmware 5.3.12 is available.
And I see there are newer firmwares than that also.
The firmware release history webpage at Peplink says to update to 5.3.12, and then you are further able to update to a newer version after that.

Since the Balance 20 is in a remote office far far away, I cannot physically access the unit.
No tech staff on site.

If I login and do a System/Firmware/Download and Upgrade in the Balance 20 screens,

  • I assume, since I am connected to a pc behind the Balance 20 via the Internet, I will be kicked out temporarily as the firmware updates (no problem)
  • will it retain existing ip settings etc, so that when the unit resets with the new firmware, I can remotely connect back in without issues (same password etc) ?
    (because if it loses it’s settings due to the firmware update, I won’t be able to get back in remotely, and that office will be screwed until a tech can get onsite
    and re-input the correct settings into the Balance 20).

Thank You.


Yes if you remotely update the firmware it will cause about 7-10 minutes of downtime. Also, when the firmware is finished upgrading it will automatically reboot (causing you to be kicked of remotely). You will be able to log into it the same way as you did before and your settings will be the same.


Thanks for your quick reply.I will report back on my experiences after updating this weekend.
(PS… also updated some typos in my original message)

UPDATE: It worked. And kept all the settings. Awesome.

Question: It updated to version 5.3.12 bld 1303 successfully, but when I check for updates under system, it says I have the latest firmware.
The download page at Peplink shows the latest version for Balance 20 to be 5.4.9.
My Balance 20 shipped with version 5.1.5 bld 1027, so I believe mine is a version 1, but not a “classic” because it shipped with 5+ version.
From what I read on the Peplink site, mine should be telling me there are upgrades available, right ?
I believe it should be telling me 5.4.9 is available for download/upgrade ?


You can check the firmware via Web Admin > System > Firmware. Alternatively, you can go to the following page to get the latest firmware (5.4.9).

Yes, I understand that. I am just wondering why my Balance 20 says:

Current firmware version: 5.3.12
No update available

(when I would think it should say “Update 5.4.9 available” )
Is it because it is an older Balance 20 and cannot run the newer version 5.4.9 ?
(because some Balance 30’s, like the “Classic” cannot run some newer firmware, I am wondering if it is the same with my Balance 20, and that is why
it is not saying there is newer firmware).
I don’t want to manually update the firmware and “brick” the Balance 20.
As I said, I have to be careful because this Balance 20 is in a very remote physical location and I can only access
it remotely via the Internet (there are no on-site technical staff). So if I upload a firmware image, I have to be very confident
it is going to work after update. That is why I am confirming before I take the risk.

Are you confirming that if I do a manual update to 5.4.9, it will work ?

Firmware version 5.4.9 is not available via the online firmware check yet, so you would need to manually update it. It will work fine doing it remotely but I always recommend that you back up your configuration first.

Thanks Tim.
I will do the update this evening and report back here.


Update: The remote/manual update to the latest 5.4.9 went smooth. Now running 5.4.9 on my Balance 20.
I did backup the Balance 20 config first, but all settings were retained after the update.

Thanks for all the help.