Balance 20 Firewall / Port problem


I have a balance 20 and I’m trying to get an FTP server on my local lan going. I would like to be able to get to the FTP server from my client’s offices but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve updated to the latest firmware which was 5.4.7 build 1648.

I have the default Inbound Firewall rule set to Deny.

I have a port forwarding rule setup on my Wan1 Interface to allow TCP:20-21 through to my internal FTP server IP of

I have also created an additional Firewall rule setup to allow TCP from Any Wan from Any Source IP ports 20-21 to allow to Destination IP of Ports 20-21.

I cannot get to my FTP server. I’ve also tried several other ports as well with same results. If I set my default firewall rule to allow, everything works fine.

Please advise.

Thank you

One other note:

When I changed the firewall rules to show the Source to be Any Port, everything works fine. I was thinking that I could specifically state what source port it would be…

Is this correct?


The source port should be configured as “Any” since it will be a random port. Only the destination port should be specified in the firewall rules.