Balance 20 email notification


Hi All,

I am running Balance 20’s (under warranty) and am unable to get Email Notifications to work, through either Office 365 or MandrillApp.

When I run a test the screen does not indicate an error but no email is received.

How can I troubleshoot this?



If the log on the router of the SMTP session sending the message indicates that the SMTP server accepts the message for delivery (i.e., SMTP response code 250) then the issue lies elsewhere, along the line from the SMTP server to your inbox. I’d suspect there being some filtering, e.g., IP address based, sender/recipient address based or content based. Check you black/whitelist/spam/greylist systems (including that of your ISP and mail service providers)

Good luck!


Hi Zegor,

Thanks for the reply. There’s not log access that I can see in the Balance 20 so I don’t know what it sees.

On the Mandrillapp side I do not even see the attempt to send in my logs.



Here’s an example of what shows up on the page of one of our Peplink Balance 30 test units when we run a test email (gmail being our SMTP server):


On the Balance 20 It see “Test is being performed, please wait.” Then it goes back to the Email Notification Setup page with no results displayed. My mail server shows no email send attempt.


That sounds like a local router or SMTP server connection problem, that you don’t even get

[INFO] Try email through auto detected connection
[INFO] SMTP through SSL connected
[<-] 220 ESMTP r12sm6745682pgv.83 - gsmtp
[->] EHLO

And I’ll have to punt to to wiser heads than mine.