Balance 20 Email Notification not following Outbound Rules


I have a Balance 20 running 5.4.7.

My mail services are provided by my ISP and they do not allow relaying which means SMTP traffic must be on their connection.


I have an Outbound rule to Enforce all SMTP traffic to use the WAN connection #1 of the SMTP provider but the Balance does not follow this rule when sending email notifications.

The result is my ISP blocks the message.

I have confirmed that if I disable connection #0 the Balance will successfully send email notifications.

I have tried creating an outbound rule to enforce all SMTP traffic from the Balance’s to use WAN connection #1 but same problem. I have also tried a rule to enforce ANY traffic from Balance’s IP address to use Connection #1, but no go.

Any suggestions?

Test Log below: (Addresses Edited) You will see that it try’s connection #0 which is the wrong ISP, and then says it is using connection #1, but sends over connection #0 somehow. is ISP for connection #0.

[INFO] Try email through connection #0
[ERROR] sig_alrm: Timeout (14)!!!
[INFO] Try email through connection #1
<-] 220 ESMTP Sendmail; NO UCE
->] EHLO
<-] Hello [X0.X4.X2.X24], pleased to meet you
<-] 250-8BITMIME
<-] 250-SIZE 20971520
<-] 250-DSN
<-] 250-ETRN
<-] 250 HELP
->] MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
<-] 250 2.1.0 <[email protected]>… Sender ok
->] RCPT TO:<[email protected]>
<-] 550 5.7.1 <[email protected]>… Relaying denied
[ERROR] [sent RCPT TO:<[email protected]>
] [result 550] [expect 250] unknown response "550 5.7.1 <[email protected]>… Relaying denied

Have you tried with an Outbound Policy that enforce all traffic to WAN Connection #1? Please test with WAN Connection #0 stays connected. We just want to make sure the Outbound Policy is working accordingly. Mind to share with us the Outbound Policy created?

Hi Stanley,

I created a rule with ANY source to ANY destination Enforce WAN 1. Applied the changes and got the same result when using the test email notification function.

I did however try physically disconnecting WAN 0, and it works as of course WAN 1 is the only path available which is the ISP providing Mail Services.

Not really a big deal as I would get notified if WAN 1 went down anyways.


The outbound policy rule should work fine for keeping email traffic from LAN clients on WAN Connection #1. The Email notification feature in the Balance however, uses all available WANs so a message can be sent out under multiple failover conditions.

Hi Paul

The best solution for you will be to use an email account with smtp authentication. This should work via any Internet connection.