Balance 20 Dual Wan Not Obtaining DHCP address on both WAN Ports

Just bought this Balance 20 after using a TP-Link TL-R470T+ (which is still working) to improve throughput. I have two WAN connections one with a wireless Point to Point and the other with DSL through CenturyLink. Both are DHCP connections so what I read was that it should be plug and play.
Went through configuration and set them up for dynamic IP. Both WAN ports are unable to obtain an IP address and just sit there at connecting status. I can take the same connections plug them back into the TP-Link unit and the come up fine. I can plug my computer into the LAN side of the connections and get an IP no problem.
Wondering if I’m missing something?

Strangest thing. Thought, “Ok, reboot it” went to the system/reboot menu and it had two firmware options to choose, I picked #2 and rebooted, came up like a factory reset. I thought that was cool. Configured it, was able to specify custom mac addresses so I used the same from the old device and boom, everything comes up and its running like a champ.

You used the MAC addresses of the TP-Link TL-R470T+? If so then it could be that your two ISPs have locked IP address allocations specifically to those MAC addresses. Known to happen, that.

Just speculating (it is Saturday evening, after all).


I thought so too, but I was able to get an IP off of one of the ISP connections on my PC which has a different MAC. I think it was the firmware #1. It was a little different than #2. It did not have the option to supply a mac and some of the other settings were different as well regarding the setup of the WAN connection.

@JimInFlorida ,

I would suggest that you open a ticket to allow support team to check. Support team should able to advice whether the DHCP request have been sent but not getting reply. This can be control access from the service provider.