Balance 20 did not detect Comcast modem failure

System Configuration:
Balance 20
Firmware: 6.2.1 build 2992
Serial number: 1824-96B4-FAA0
Inbound 1: Comcast Modem (device that failed)
Inbound 2: Centrylink DSL

The Comcast Modem failure - was odd. It allowed outbound traffic to complete, however in bound traffic (http requests for example) stopped (failed). The Peplink Admin/Dashboard was in an endless attempt to retrieve configuration information from the (failed) modem. As the modem failure was not properly detected, fail-over did not occur Dashboard had indicated a “Green” (connected) however the system was continually attempting to … (do something). Sorry; I didn’t save a screen shot. I cannot (At the time) provide a report file.

I’m not really sure what happened here because if outbound is working so should the inbound. For the health check mechanism we are using outbound traffic so it would stay green and connected.

I would keep an eye on it and if it happens again go ahead and grab a diagnostic report at the time.