Balance 20 DHCP Problem after upgrade

Good day dear,

I commented the problem that I have with the Peplink Balance 20, yesterday set the Peplink with the features I needed (Failover in the 2 WAN over 3G. Also DHCP Server) to finish setting, perform tests and everything worked great . I started to dig a little more on the official website of Peplink and I came across that had new updates for my Peplink, then I proceeded to upgrade in order first update: fw-b20_30-5.4.10-build1769 would then go for the 6.xx but when I was in the process of updating stayed at 90% as shown in the image:

restarted after Peplink wait around 30 minutes and never answered through the IP, I made ping, I put a static IP and no I never got DHCP and never gains access, it reestablished to factory settings and does not work.

I’m from Guatemala, it is difficult for me to send it to RMA Hong Kong, is there any way to fix the problem?

In advance thank you very much.

Best regards,
Byron Castillo

Please open a support ticket on our site: