Balance 20 - Bind Website to a Specific WAN

Hi all. I am considering buying a Balance 20 and have the following question.

Can I bind a specific website address to a specific WAN in the Balance 20?

For example. I would have a 4G LTE Android phone connected to the USB WAN and my DSL modem connected to WAN1. I would like all traffic routed through the faster LTE USB adapter and never use the slower WAN1 DSL connection. Is this possible? Thanks for your help.

Yes, you can just create a custom outbound rule and force traffic across a specific WAN based on destination domain.

Thanks Tim. That sounds great.

So, looking at the Balance 20 manual, I see the following page. I assume I would put in as the destination, change WAN1 Load Distribution Weight to 0 and make Mobile Internet 10. Will the Algorithm remain “Weighted Balance”? Does that sound right?

If you want to force traffic to a specific WAN you would use the Enforced algorithm and not Weighted Balance.

Excellent, thank-you Tim.

If I may, 2 more questions to help my purchase decisions.

On the Balance 20, is it possible to use WAN1, WAN2, and USB simultaneously or is the max only 2 WAN ports?

Is there an easy, relatively inexpensive way to add WiFi capability to a Balance 20 network?

Yes, you can definitely load balance across all three connections simultaneously. For the Wi-Fi I would recommend our AP One AC mini or AP One 300M.

Thanks again Tim for the ultra fast responses! You have been very helpful. Looks like WiFi is no problem.

If you don’t mind, I have one more question.

Below is what I would REALLY like to do.

  1. Make the 1Mbps DSL connection to the Balance 20 primary so that it is always used first.
  2. Have the USB Tethered connection provide additional bandwidth as needed.

For example. Say I want to watch a YouTube video at 480p. My 1Mbps DSL connection is not quite fast enough to stream at 480p without buffering. I would like the USB tethered connection to provide the remaining bandwidth needed to prevent buffering.

From my limited research, it seems this is not possible without some hardware at the far end to bind the packets. Could it somehow be done with the Balance 20?

I would like to do this because I have unlimited bandwidth usage per month on my 1Mbps DSL but I am limited to 20GB usage per month on my cell contract.

Thanks again for your help!

I believe you are referring to the packet-level bonding capabiltity of our SpeedFusion VPN technlogy, and this is available on our Balance 210 and higher and does require another SpeedFusion enabled router on the other side of the tunnel.

In a load balancing deployment the video stream can only come across one connection or the other, not both simultaneously.

You also need to consider that video streaming is very bandwidth intensive, you could easily chew through 20GB in a few days. When I stream movies at 1080P I find that on an average 90 minute movie it will consume 6-9GB of bandwidth.

Yes, that confirms that different/more equipment is required for packet level bonding.

I know what you mean about high bandwidth consumption when streaming video. For a while I had unlimited monthly usage. Streaming Netflix about 2 hours per day, at 720p, resulted in 125 GB of usage per month. Too bad I can’t do that anymore!

Thanks again for your help Tim. If I do buy a Balance 20, I am now confident in its’ capabilities.

No problem, glad to help!