Balance 20 and dyndns


New to the forum so bear with me if my questions are not clear.

Wan1 is cable 30mb down 4mb up
Wan2 is dsl 6mb down 768k up
Load balancing.
Both are setup using dyndns.
Both are set to always on.

When wan1 goes down, all traffic goes to wan 2 and dyndns works fine. But when wan1 comes back up and traffic goes back to wan1 but dyndns does not send a update to get the new ip. Only way to force it is to unplug wan2, and then dyndns get the new ip of wan1. Plug wan2 back in and all is fine.

Is there anyway to make the dyndns function send a ip address update went the faster wan1 comes back up?

Any thoughts, suggestions or questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I am very impressed with the Balance20 so far.

First time using a dual wan router, so complete newbie here.

The dyndns function will send out an update to the server upon the change of IP address. Are you sure your IP is changing?

Stephen, are you using two different DynDNS host names, or just one? Having two connections updating the same host will cause problems and erratic behavior, and might even get your DynDNS account blocked due to too many updates. It is recommended to have one host name per connection. If you require inbound access through one host name or inbound load balancing, you need to purchase the correct service from DynDNS or use a Balance 210+ with static public IP’s. You can use the same DynDNS host if you configure the second connection as a backup connection, so that there is only one connection active (and updating the host name) at a time.

Thanks for the replies.

Each wan has it’s own ip. Both wans were set to always on. So 2 wans with 2 different ips sending update to the same dyndns host name.

I have now changed wan2 to backup, showing cold standby on the dashboard.

Will run more tests and update you.