Balance 20 and Arris Motorola 6141 Problem

My ISP upgraded to channel bonding so I purchased a Motorola 6141 cable modem with docsis 3.0. I called and had it provisioned and my balance 20 would not pull an ip address. Tech support had me do the usual of plugging my laptop directly into the modem and it pulled an ip ok and ran the advertised 50 meg. Of course Suddenlink said all was well because they had provided connectivity to the modem. In searching google I found some info that there could be an incompatibilty between how the router handles the broadcast flag from Suddenlinks dhcp server. I hard loaded the ip address that was pulled to the laptop and cloned the mac from the laptop into the balance 20 and it connected but the speeds are 5 down and 1 up just like the docsis 2.0 modem. When the modem was hooked directly to the laptop I had 50 down and 23 up. Is there a way to change how the balance 20 handles the dhcp packets from Suddenlink? Google info says the Cisco dpc3010 modem works ok with the balance 20. Any ideas for a different config in the balance 20. The router really needs to pull the dynamic ip from Suddenlink.

Hi Jim,

We can’t handle DHCP Broadcast Flag at the moment. Your problem is similar to the forum here.

Anyway, we can provide a special build to cater this problem. What you think?

How about doing a firmware upgrade that addresses this problem. In the meantime I will go to a c
isco dpc3010 which supposedly woeks with the balance 20

Hi Jim,

Sure. Thanks for understanding. This problem has been filed and will be fix in future release.