Balance 20 and AP Flex

Just got my first AP Flex. My balance 20 with AP controller turned on does not recognize it. It recognizes my AP One Mini. I updated to latest firmware. Is there a setting in the AP flex GUI that needs changed from default? Thanks

You shouldn’t have problem if both units are running latest firmware version. Please download and upgrade to firmware below.

Thanks, I didn’t have the latest firmware after all. Is it possible to use WDS with and AP One Flex on one end and an AP One Mini on the other? Also, if using WDS, should the AP controller on the balance 20 be enabled or disabled. My configuration is Internet Provider–>Balance 20–>AP One Flex<—(building link)—>AP One Mini---->8 Port Switch. If you could let me know if this will work it would save me trial and error time. Thanks!


This is depending on your need. Anyway, WDS is working fine either you enabled or disabled AP Controller.

Hope this help.