Balance 20 & 4G LTE service as 2nd WAN source

I currently have a DSL modem with Ethernet out from my primary ISP.

I am testing a second service option (4G) which is provided with a Huawei B593 4G LTE CPE
The B593 does not have a WAN port - it has x4 LAN plus x2 TEL plus a USB

Since the B593 does not have a WAN port, is it possible to use as a 2nd WAN source with a Balance 20 somehow?

Thank you

EDIT: I see now that supported devices require USB driver support. I see other Huawei models on supported list. Unless someone can verify that the B593 I guess I should fill out a support ticket? Note: This is pre-sales… I have not purchased a Balance 20 yet.
Thanks again

Actually you can use the B593 as a 2nd WAN source already. You just need to connect a cable from one of the LAN ports of this device to the WAN 2 connection on the Balance 20.

This will work just fine.

Awesome! Thanks so much for your quick reply.