Balance 20/30 outbound time restriction policy needed

Hello Dev Team,

I’ve checked the forum and seen a few threads going back at least a couple years regarding the need/request for outbound time restriction policies for the balance series. From a small business perspective, this feature is critical. Many small businesses share internet with family members. In rural areas (I have several clients) who are pooling together a few internet connections with the Balance 30, they leverage the unit to provide internet for their home based business as well as their home use. Regardless of the application, whether it be keeping a child off the internet after 8pm or restricting a group of employees from browsing facebook between the hours of 8am-4pm, PLEASE implement this feature.

In the meantime, is there a script or something that can be tailored and pushed to the unit outside of the GUI to have these features now? I’ve got a client chomping at the bit to keep the kids off after 8pm.

Thanks in advance! Your routers are magic, we love them.