Balance 20/30/50/30 LTE units with 12V-24V AC DC power input range

Our customer that is the oil and gas vertical market has requested that Peplink make the power input range that is on the Balance 210/310 units (e.g. 12V-24V AC DC) available on the Balance 20/30/50/30 LTE units. They said this is important for units running in remote sites off a battery plant at 24V. With the current Balance 20 units, they have to implement a power converter and it draws more power from the batteries to run the units in this manner.


The models like Balance 20/30/50/30 LTE has lower power input requirement and consumption, hence it is using 12V DC, as compare to bigger models like Balance 210/310.

We will review this request, stay tuned.

Thanks and regards.